The Currency Store has access to a revolutionary cyber security product called Block Security that is the world’s first holistic blockchain-based cybersecurity ecosystem, bringing a game-changing solution to address 35 years of industry similar practice with the unrivaled and disruptive security distributed consensus backed rule system.

Block Security offers the next generation of cybersecurity for any size organisations from startups to highly regulated industry and typically hard to defend environments, including governments, the military, and nation state agencies.

Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera Hashgraph is a one-of-a-kind undertaking that aims to generate party-to party trust, devoid of parties knowing one another. This platform allows for secure collaborations between any and all parties, at all times. It features no intermediaries thereby creating speedy, clear, safe transactions. Allow The Currency Store to introduce you to it.

Cold Storage

When you need to safeguard your Bitcoins, cold storage is a reliable ‘hard-to hack’ offline option. Cold storage can help to keep your bitcoins safer and common cold storage methods include: Paper Wallets, Physical Bitcoins, Hardware Wallets and Storage Devices (such as USB’s). The Currency Store can recommend the most viable options for you.

Capital Raising

Capital Raising poses a variety of possibilities to suit a range of requirements. The Currency Store has the insight, access, and expertise to engage equity capital and debt with the desirable terms. Our comprehensive capital raising approach ensures clients can access all suitable options with corporate goals in mind.

Project Rollout

The Currency Store offers comprehensive client care, inclusive holistic, fully considered Project Rollout. The seamless success of your project is our priority. Thanks to our multi-faceted milestone measurables, The Currency Store clients can expect timely, clearly communicated project updates, for the rollout phase and beyond.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are also known as self-executing, digital and/or blockchain contracts. In essence, these intelligent contracts are computer code capable, meaning clients can enjoy functionality, even without the standard middleman. Any value items (property, shares) can be successfully and swiftly exchanged thanks to a network of blockchain computer supervision.

Fiat Currency Solutions

“fiat” in Latin translates to “let it be done.” Fiat first emerged as an alternate to commodity-back cash. Its money holds value thanks to the relationship measured in-between standard supply and demand. It’s an unbacked, approved legal tender, valued by governments which determine and maintain an agreed value.

Cryptocurrency Issuing

Cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of coverage globally in the past ten years since its pseudonymous developing founder, Satoshi Nakamoto hit the scene. Cryptocurrency is seeking to establish consumer trust via its technological capabilities. The Currency Store can guide you in both understanding and application, so you’re not left behind.

Digital E-Wallet Solutions

The Currency Store is up to speed on the relied upon, new and evolving Digital e-Wallet Solutions so that you don’t have to be. Often referred to as a digital wallet, this service features security on a standalone or multi-currency purse. With an eWallet, consumers can purchase services and goods online with ease.

ICOs (Initial Coin Offering)

Thanks mostly to crowdfunding, private initial coin offerings (ICOs) are now easy to find. Within an ICO, measures of cryptocurrency are sold via coins/tokens to purchasers in return for another cryptocurrency or legal tender. The Currency Store helps clients generate capital for companies thanks to ICOs, and much much more.

Digital Coin Mining Solutions

At The Currency Store we offer Digital Coin Mining Solutions that make money matters easy. Clients are often confounded by the complicated explanation of mining (which often features a run-down of how super-powered computers capture and complete complex computer-generated math problems). We make it easy to understand and easy to apply

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You can rely on the team at The Currency Store, thanks to our ‘safer safeguard’ solution for capital storage. The Currency Store physical vault assures safe-keeping from our site in London.

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